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Do I have to pay my annual assessment?

Yes, the annual assessment is mandatory. As a lot owner you are bound by the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions to pay an annual assessment amount as determined by the Association. The assessment amount is the same per lot for each of the lots within the community. The annual assessment notice is sent via regular mail to the owner of record for each lot in accordance with community documents and Florida Statutes. The Associations remedies for non-payment can be found in the Declaration mentioned above. Late notices are not required, so the board will send them at their own discretion.

Do I have to get permission to paint or make an exterior change to my property?

In a word, yes! Each owner is required to obtain Association approval prior to painting or making an exterior change on their property. Alteration Application form can be found clicking here.

Why did I get a violation notice?

When purchasing property in this deed restricted community, the owner is bound by a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. This document, along with supporting guidelines that the Association may from time to time approve, describes the restrictions and/or processes that all lot owners must adhere to. Violation notices (letters) are sent by the Association or its managing agent to lot owners who are found to be in violation of the governing documents. If you receive a violation notice, you are required to correct the specified violation in a timely manner and ensure ongoing compliance.

What do I do if I notice a violation within the subdivision?

First, you should review the community's documents to determine if a violation has indeed occurred. Second, you should submit a Report a Violation form to  Management to make them aware of the violation. If the violation is readily observable, management will verify the accuracy of the complaint and take appropriate action. Following receipt of the signed complaint form, management will seek to have the violation remedied.

Are homeowners allowed to attend regular board meetings?

Yes, all Association members are welcomed and encouraged to attend regular board meetings. Routine Association business is openly conducted during these meetings so owners get a behind the scenes look at the work and/or decision making that regularly takes place on their behalf. Signs are posted in advance of each board meeting.